How Evidence Changes Through The Years

Great overview of evidence based medicine – the integration of the best evidence, clinical expertise and what the patient wants…

Kevin Mackway-Jones is Professor of Emergency Medicine at Manchester Metropolitan University, creator of BestBETs and editor at the Emergency Medicine Journal. He looks at the presentation of evidence, the interpretation and synthesis of available evidence and it’s practical application in the clinical setting…

The greater the ignorance – the greater the dogmatism

Beware the evidence presented as fact when nowhere  ever, at any time has anybody anywhere, in any journal in any language has anyone done any research

  • EBM – Evidence Based Medicine
  • FTM – Faith Based Medicine (e.g. Kumar and Clark)
  • ATM – Authority Based Medicine (e.g. Osler)
  • TBM – Trainee Based Medicine (the triumph of hope over experience)

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  1. says

    The EBM equivalent of Godwin’s Law strikes again: the parachute.
    (Hat tip to David Anderson)
    Parachutes were in full force at the ‘Down with Dogma’ CICM ASM.