Hosting Medical Grand Rounds

It is with great honor (and a lot of trepidation) that the Life in the Fast Lane team will be hosting Grand Rounds Vol. 6 No. 45 on August 3rd 2010.

Grand Rounds is a showcase and an institution within the MedBlogosphere..steeped in history, juxtaposed with stringent rules, imbued with musty regulations and layered thick with contextual learning.

Grand Rounds has survived this long thanks to the constant supervision, mentoring and nurturing of Dr Val Jones (Get Better Health) and  and Dr Nick Genes (Blogborygmi)…why they let ever us host it I will never know.

I only hope we don’t break the chain!

The theme…

This week we (Chris and Mike) took the 7 link blogging challenge! This was a conceptually difficult, yet highly satisfying experience as Suture for a living and Anesthesioboist also found out!

This Grand Rounds, we want YOU – the health and medical blogging community – to send us your KILLER POSTS

Trawl your archive, dive deep into the soul of your writing and send us your best; most inspirational; clever; witty; well-researched; head-turning; gut-wrenching; magnificent; glorious requiem of a post…A post that is pathognomic of your writing. A post that is empathic and understanding. A post that is idiosyncratically and inimitably…YOU

Go on...INSPIRE us and help LIGHT UP the MedBlogosphere

In keeping with the ‘KILLER’ theme, and to enhance the Aussie vibe, we would also ask that you include in your submission your Favourite Deadly Australian Creature…Here are a few Deadly Aussie Critters to set you on the right track…

“‘So what do we do if we get bitten by something deadly, then?’ I asked. He blinked at me as if I were stupid.
‘Well what do you think you do?’ he said. ‘You die of course. That’s what deadly means.’
— Douglas Adams getting advice from maverick Australian Toxinologist Struan Sutherland; from When Doug met Struan.

…and before we get too many herpetological comments regarding the  above video, read this disclaimer from @bongi

on a point of order, regarding the video, the last snake shown is a black mamba which is a south african snake and not an australian one…just saying.

Grand Round Submission Process

  • Send us an email to mike [at] with “Grand Rounds Submission” as the subject and include
    • Your favourite or most feared ‘Deadly Aussie Animal’
    • The URL of the blog post which you are most proud of or which exemplifies your writing/thinking/musing style
    • The URL of your blog and title of your blog
    • Your Name
  • All submissions MUST be received before midnight on Sunday 1st August 2010

Worried about missing out on Grand Rounds?

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  3. Subscribe to the Grand Rounds RSS Feed
  4. Add the Grand Rounds Google Calender to your weekly activities…

Remember the Grand Round Ethos…

The Grand Roundstarget audience here is NOT other medical bloggers, or people in the health care industry…it is the educated but non-medical readers coming from general-interest blogs.The idea is to introduce the wider world to the growing medical blogosphere — the doctors, nurses, students, administrators, EMTs, techs, and patients who blog.
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      Love to see the ‘devil’ footage…even if you build a post around it, would love to find out your number one post of all time (in your own mind)…the responses we have had so far have been cracking