Health Care in South Africa

We all do it tough working in emergency departments, however watching the following videos from the ED and ICU in Bara hospital in Soweto, South Africa makes me feel like I have it easy.  The following videos tells of stories of patients being stabbed and arriving to hospital 10 hours later because that’s how long and ambulance takes to get to them. A single motor vehicle accident generally involves 12 patients, and a trauma patients generally receives their first few hours of care in the corridor.

24 hours of Trauma in the Emergency Department:

The Intensive Care Unit:

To watch more videos on Saving Soweto and the conditions doctors and nurses face working in the South African health system check out Aljazeera.

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  1. cademory says

    Moreover, they do not cause yellow fever in South Africa. This yellow fever vaccination certificates are passengers and visitors arriving infected premises. Although not required by the law of South Africa have been vaccinated against polio and typhoid are highly recommended.

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  2. Julianwallace01 says

    Hi Sa’ad,

    Definitely interested. I spent 6 months in south africa as a med student in Cape Town and Livingston Hospital, PE. Thinking of trying to do some of my emergency medicine training in SA.

    Which hospital are you at?


  3. Cherylmartin says

    I went to medical school with Patrick -- compulsive viewing! makes my own festive nights at a melbourne trauma centre look like a walk in the park!