I have been constantly frustrated by not being able to find the right guidelines when I need them. In almost every hospital I’ve worked at (in Australia and the UK) the guidelines are located ‘somewhere on the intranet’.

Finding anything on the intranet is inevitably a nightmare and the search function never seems to work.  Why?  Why?  Why?!!

Anyway, I decided enough was enough – it was time to do something about the situation, so I taught myself to code.

The end result is - GuidelinesForMe - a new and hopefully useful #FOAMed resource with over 900 clinical guidelines listed with more being added every day.

The website is effectively a searchable, updatable, customisable guideline repository…where users can

  • Sign up (for free)
  • Search for clinical guidelines (by specialty, hospital or topic)
  • Add clinical guidelines to the collection
  • Mark guidelines as favourites for rapid access

EDIT: new feature – can discuss and comment on guidelines

Hope people find it useful – use it, add your own guidelines and let’s build a massive crowd-sourced resource for clinical guidelines.

Guidelines For Me

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