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The LITFL team have been hard at work creating the Global Medical Education Project - but less hard at work actually explaining what it is and how it works…

We are responding to the masses of emails and comments collated to date following the first month of release of GMEP phase 1 – by creating a GMEP FAQ page here on LITFL. Hopefully this will make the wary, less suspicious; the tentative, indomitable and the apathetic, captivated.

Media Gallery

An opportunity for those decaying, hard-drive hidden isolated information silos to come into the light of day – to be shared with the world…

The introduction of the first version of GMEP WP plugin we are now able to embed video, images, vodcasts, podcasts and much more on individual blogs

Bloggers, podcasters and educators can now upload media to GMEP, add media to folders, create multiple choice questions from the media and integrate the externally hosted files into their websites with html5 streaming compliance.

This makes searching for appropriate information easier and more effective and enhances the inline contextual learning experience. Healthcare educators can upload to a single website for FREE rather than managing multiple accounts with YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, Picassa etc

Twitter users can upload and share directly from GMEP and store the images rather than using the generic twitter uploader and have the information lost from search and context, lost form a sturdy comment stream and lost from the ability to contextualise the great learning material. Hopefully this will reduce single images being thrown into the twitter conversation and lost in the ether

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or using GMEP

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Early Adopter Case Studies


Ken Milne from the Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine has embraced the GMEP opportunity. He has uploaded all of his podcasts with links back to the original blog post, embedded the media via GMEP servers and then added contextual multiple choice questions for each post to enhance the learning opportunities…


The awesome Andy Neill from Emergency Medicine Ireland has uploaded his amazing Anatomy for Emergency Medicine series to GMEP to be searched, collated, annotated, embedded and cultivated!

Simple Video

Simple Media

Circulatory collapse in an infant

In summary

Basically we wanted to design a system that would benefit all FOAM users

  • Share the love - upload Medical Multimedia for global consumption – image/video/audio uploaded to GMEP is attributed to the owner (creative commons non-commercial licence)
  • Value the writer - all multimedia can be referenced to contextual articles. This allows journals and bloggers to directly reference their writing and research to original multimedia on GMEP, providing a valuable trackback to the referencing websites [Google Juice]
  • Value the reader - by storing and retrieving bandwidth dense multimedia from the GMEP Amazon S3 servers the blog/website page load will not be affected, allowing for smooth, rapid and inline reading pleasure!
  • Value the interrogator - all multimedia can be tagged and categorised assisting Google to accurately define the relevance of images/multimedia in search and assisting in a better search experience for all users.
  • Contextual learning - over time each image/multimedia uploaded will be associated with blog posts/articles/research/publications as well as contextual multiple choice questions which are written for the images as ‘annotated questions’ to enhance the learning process (both by writing and by answering)
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  1. says

    Mike -- if you will permit me to do a supplementary for those as thick as me.

    re: wordpress plug in

    Aha! I have figured this out and made the classic mistake of making it more complex than I thought… I got confused by trying to use the ‘add media’ functions on wordpress, then linking through that function. To cut a long story short, none of that is needed as it is much, much easier than that. So……,

    1. Upload your media (or use media already on GMEP)
    2. Copy URL (e.g. directly into the text box on wordpress. Do not try and upload as a separate file, or use the media browser, or link the URL through the media insertion tool on wordpress. Just copy the URL from GMEP.
    3. Magic happens
    4. Media appears in post exactly where you put it.

    In effect you are uploading to GMEP rather than directly into worpress. Is this awkward?? Yes and no. In reality it takes a few seconds more to do it this way, but the benefits and the ability to then share and attribute the content far outweighs the minimal extra effort.

    Remarkably easy, and now that I’m starting to get it St.Emlyn’s should be able to play more.



    NB. Only a fool learns from his/her own mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others…………. So please feel free to learn from my ignorance.

    • says

      Thanks Simon
      One of the major reasons why I have been finding it difficult to explain each of the aspects of GMEP has been finding the right level to approach it…you have hit the nail on the head
      Will be producing something every week from now on…then you could ‘translate for me’

      One other aspect…

      1) If you want to be able to ‘centralise’ your media/video/podcast on the WP blog -- then ‘wrap your media in [embed] (as per this post on GMEP Plugin)


      This way you can position the media anywhere you like on the blog