GMEP Goes Gangnam

Funny old day…

Things are changing.

Ideas swirling for the last 5 years are now coming into alignment. LITFL joined forces with iMeducate and The Frontier Group to help the #FOAMed movement to deliver high quality medical education, contextual and asynchronous learning – globally – for free…

Not that I am massively superstitious fellow, but the elements are lined up today with the launch of

We hit the launch button and cut the name day cake at 3pm Australian Western Standard Time…and exactly 42 years since I came into the world – GMEP was born

For now there is little to add. Maybe time for some rest and to start to evaluate the way users integrate with the Global Medical education Project. Then some tutorial videos and discussion to help guide the next phase of development.

Thank you to everybody who has been involved in this project especially the awesome @Ruxton @levibuzolic @mlambie @xfitzyx @frontiergroup

GMEP Launch

GMEP Launch - Mike cadogan

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