Further UCEM recruits

The following is a leaked document written by Sir Hubert Ignatius Thompson to all Fellows of the Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine. The LITFL team felt it pertinent to release the document to the wider medical community…

UCEM Letterhead

Dear Members
The College Executive have just returned from a three-day all-expenses paid junket conference examining the role of the interwebs in providing educational material and d-learning to fondling members…or something along those lines anyway.Rest assured it was reassuringly expensive and resulted in no concrete future plans, although in an attempt to reduce the enormity of our burgeoning coffers we did manage to procure two new council members.Firstly, following calls for an overhaul of our flailing web presence, we have taken steps to quieten the hoard by appointing Ameritous Professor Nathaniel Felix Idler to oversee the implementation of a new web structure thingy. In keeping with other illustrious academic institutions we have gone out of our way to find an individual with little to no understanding of computational technology – however, he is a great people manager and can down a yard of ale in under 14 seconds!

Secondly, following the success of the hash-tag conferences with #ACEM2011 we have employed a social media expert to assist in the Utopian dream of online domination. The College has been lucky enough to find a newly retrenched recruit, flushed with success following their recent social media triumph with #QantasLuxury (apparently everybody is talking about it – must be a good thing!). However, in order to forestall any potential unpropitious outcomes affiliated with the intrepid exploration of t’internet we will be employing a strict ‘rules of engagement’ policy. It is essential that any ‘conversation‘ shall remain diodotic, stilted and under no circumstances will we engage with the great unwashed of the trainee populous.


Sir Hubert Ignatius Thompson III


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