Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 038

Time to challenge that cerebral cortex and put on those ‘mental’ dancing shoes as we trip the light fantastic of medical trivia, and lift the latch on the cage of the tiger of tease…so watch out for baboons as you embark on the Funtabulously, Frivolous Friday Five…but first some Corrections

Question 1

  • What causes a hot-dog headache?

  • Nitrites
  • Note: nitrate is a salt of nitric acid, and nitrite is a salt of nitrous acid
  • Nitrates are found all over the place…Nitrites are much more toxic and strictly regulated on labelling
  • Sodium nitrite (E 250) is by far the most often applied additive in the production of cured meat products in order to obtain the desired curing colour.
  • In fact there are numerous potential triggers including MSG, tyramine and nitrites, but avoiding foods with nitrites has been shown to reduce the incidence of migraine attacks

Question 2

  • What is burbulence?

  • Indigestion due to wind
  • W.GrantThompson. C.M.A.JOURNAL/JUNE10,1972/VOL.106 [Reference PDF]

Question 3

  • What is Kehr’s sign?

  • Referred left shoulder pain due to haemorrhage in the peritoneal cavity
  • Kehr’s sign is a classical example of referred pain
  • Kehr’s sign in the left shoulder is considered a classical symptom of a ruptured spleen but may also result from diaphragmatic or peridiaphragmatic lesions, renal calculi, splenic injury or ectopic pregnancy

Question 4

  • What radiological abnormality may be seen in patients with hypoparathyroidism, angiomas, and tuberous sclerosis?

  • Cerebral calcification

Question 5

  • The poet Cowper said that is ‘infests the toe of libertine excess‘ what is it?

  • Gout
  • Cowper believed Gout was caused by indolence, indulgence and and could be avoided through exercise through rambles or walks in the countryside, communing with nature

…and remember kids…Honesty is the best policy…!

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