Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 030

Yay…it’s Friday.
Time to challenge that cerebral cortex and put on those ‘mental’ dancing shoes as we trip the light fantastic of medical trivia, and lift the latch on the cage of the tiger of tease…the Funtabulously, Frivolous Friday Five…

Question 1

  • What childhood disease manifests the Comby sign?

  • Measles.
  • Named after Jules Comby a French Paediatrician, the Comby sign are whitish patches and inflammation seen in the mouth prior to the appearance of Koplik’s spots.

Comby Sign in Measles

Question 2

  • What was reprieved from the death sentence in both 1986 and 1993?

  • The smallpox virus.
  • Two laboratories still hold stock, and no date has been set again for their destruction. Current WHO policy no longer advocates the destruction of the virus, which is used for research purposes. [Reference]
  • The virus is otherwise extinct worldwide (officially eradicated in 1979).

A child with smallpox:


Photo from the CDC --- click on image for source

Question 3

  • Children in Ladakh in the Himalayas never seem to get neonatal tetanus. What explanation is given for this?

  • High Altitude.
  • The effects of high altitude prevents the organism living in the soil

Question 4

  • In what climate would you get strophulus?

  • In hot climate
  • Strophulus is otherwise known as ‘prickly heat‘ rash.

Question 5

  • What is Schreck-Basedow ,and what thyroid abnormality can it trigger in humans?

  • A sudden fright
  • This can trigger Graves Disease.

…and remember…

…at least you spent your time wisely today…

Time wasting

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