Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 025

Yay…it’s Friday.
Time to challenge that cerebral cortex and put on those ‘mental’ dancing shoes as we trip the light fantastic of medical trivia, and lift the latch on the cage of the tiger of tease…the Funtabulously, Frivolous Friday Five…

Question 1

  • What was described as “a night of Venus and a lifetime of Mercury”?

  • Gonorrhea
  • Mercury was used to treat this.

Question 2

  • Which heavy metal accumulates in the lenses of the eyes of smokers?

  • Cadmium
  • The accumulation of copper, lead, and cadmium occurs in cataract.
  • The probable source of cadmium in humans is cigarettes.
  • Lenticular cadmium accumulation also increases copper and lead precipitation in the lens. Cigarette smoking might be cataractogenic. [reference]

Question 3

  • What is Abbot’s tube?

  • A long (3 m) double-channel intestinal tube.
  • Inserted through a nostril, the tube is passed through the stomach into the small intestine.
  • Used for sampling gastrointestinal fluid or for therapeutic aspiration to relieve intestinal distension.

Question 4

  • Which food inhibits aspergillus growth and has been used to treat otomycosis?

  • Garlic!
  • Or Garlic crushed in warm coconut oil…

Question 5

  • If you suffered from amblygeusia, what would least interest you…
    1. 1. Going for a surf at the beach
    2. 2. Going to a fancy restaurant
    3. 3. Going to watch WWE SmackDown

  • Answer 1. and 3.
  • Amblygeusia refers to a dimunition in the sense of taste. [ambly- + G. geusis, taste]

…and remember kids…you choose how you want to see the world

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