Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 018

Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 018

Feeling a bit wound-up…feeling a bit frazzled by Friday? Why not relax and unwind with some medical trivia…This week we celebrate Vitamin D treatment with an exploration of pithiatism, Satchmo syndrome, emunction and leprosy

Question 1

How would you treat your patients if you were a ‘pithiatrist‘?

  • Tell them everything will be OK
  • Pithiatism (noun) the treatment of certain medical disorders by persuading the patient that all is well.

Question 2

Which area can haemorrhage as a result of emunction?

  • Little’s areas
  • Ninety percent of epistaxis is caused by bleeding originating from blood vessels in Little’s area, located at the anterior inferior septum.
  • This area contains a confluence of vessels from the various nasal sources called the Kiesselbach plexus and is directly affected by picking the nose (emunction)!

Kiesselbach plexus

Question 3

What happens to the cerebral function of a dog if both its carotid arteries are tied?

  • Nothing!
  • The vertebral arteries are sufficient to supply flow to the brain.

Question 4

Who gets Satchmo Syndrome?

  • Wind or brass players, most commonly trumpeters and French horn players
  • Satchmo Syndrome is associated with rupture of the obucularis oris muscle.
  • The syndrome is named after the American jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong (nicknamed Satchmo)
Satchmo’s Syndrome causes weakness in a muscle of the lip, orbicularis oris, due to a muscle rupture. The symptoms can include loss of endurance, loss of range and control of tone, diminished accuracy, and fatigue in the embouchure. To return to their instruments, musicians who suffer with Satchmo’s Syndrome must undergo surgery and then rest for a significant amount of time afterwards

Question 5

The army of which famous solver of knotty problems brought leprosy from China, via India, to Egypt?

  • The army of Alexander the Great.
  • While in Phrygia, Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot.
  • His biographers retrospectively claimed that an oracle had predicted that the undoer of the Gordain knot would become King of Asia.

…and remember

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