Frontline Friday Inspiration 2

War drives innovation and in this series, Michael Mosley travels from the frontline of war to the frontline of research to uncover the medical breakthroughs that are coming out of current conflicts. This is the second video in the Frontline series (see Frontline Friday Inspiration 1 for the first episode)

The survival rate in Afghanistan is the highest in the history of combat – but this means people are surviving with dreadful injuries. Michael wants to find out what medicine and technology can do to help rebuild their shattered lives. From mind-controlled prosthetics to growing spare body parts and face transplants, he explores the innovations which are helping both wounded troops and civilians to overcome life-changing injuries.


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  1. Andrew Perry says

    Thanks for sharing this Mike. This documentary is incredible in terms of the access given to the BBC team to what goes on both in the resus room and at the rehab hospital. Am looking forward to watching all the other episodes.