Friday Bicycle Inspiration 022

It’s seems that there’s not many emergency docs that don’t ride a bike these days… So I expect this little video of Martyn Ashton taking his wheels for a spin to be well appreciated ;-).

It makes my bike ride to work alongside the supposedly croc and stinger infested waters of the Arafura Sea look a tad lame.

It’s Friday, be inspired!

Hat tip to @EM_Manchester

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  1. says

    Truly inspiring video. Te be that good takes time, training and a love for the task. It’s the same in Emergency Medicine.

    If only he rode Campag it would be perfect…..


    Cervelo RS
    Campag SR
    Mavic Kysirium elite

  2. says

    Staggering! left me breathless, tachycardic, sweaty and vertiginous!
    There must be an easier commute! You are a true professional. BRAVO.
    Oh, and about the bike….Cannondale?

  3. Hildy says

    Are those radially spoked wheels at the front? I’m surprised they take that sort of abuse and still stay round…