Friday Frontline Inspiration 015

Shot on board with the paramedics of Pretoria and Johannesburg, TELL ME AND I WILL FORGET illuminates the new social challenges in South Africa, 15 years after the end of its oppressive Apartheid era.

Below is the first 2 minutes of this amazing hour long documentary. I urge you to make the time to watch and digest the rest of the film – it will be an hour well spent

Desperate human circumstance and a wave of violent crime have put immense pressure on the medical system, which is now as divided as the country’s dual economy. With the on going US medical debate, the documentary provides a timely look into the much less glamorous side of the nation that hosted the 2010 World Cup Football Games.


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  1. James says

    Thanks for sharing that Mike. What a great documentary about amazing people doing a difficult job in even more difficult circumstances. A friend of mine Ben Gilmour who is a paramedic in the NSW ambulance service has written a book and made a film about paramedics around the globe which contains some similarly amazing stories.

  2. Minh le Cong says

    thanks Mike for posting this. I also have to thank Mel for tweeting about it, which made me check out the whole film tonight. A colleague of mine from South Africa, worked as a paramedic and flight nurse before going back to med school and her stories now come to life after watching this doco. Her mum still lives back there and has had a home invasion now twice in the last 6 months. Growing up in Oz its difficult to comprehend the society that is pictured. makes me appreciate what we got and not take it for granted

  3. says

    Wow. After seeing that documentary I no longer wonder why so many of my physician colleagues in Canada are S.African. Heartbreaking and frightening on many levels. Must admit, it makes me more than a little nervous about my upcoming trauma/ICU elective there in March…