Free Emergency Medicine Talks

Dylan Flipse and the residents of the Temple University Hospital Emergency Medicine program have created a truly wonderful web resource called Free Emergency Medicine Talks. The website is designed to help distribute the vast emergency medicine and critical care lecture library of Dr. Joe Lex.

Who is Joe Lex?

Joe LexWell, if you don’t know — welcome to emergency medicine! Here is how the Temple residents describe him:

“Joe is too humble to mention it, but he has been described by Amal Mattu, one of the most famous Emergency Medicine physicians in the world, as “the most famous Emergency Medicine physician in the world.”  Mel Herbert, one of the most interesting people in Emergency Medicine, called him “the world’s most interesting man,” though reports of a Joe walking across Florida are not entirely true.”

Joe is one of the most prolific and sought after speakers in emergency medicine. He and the team at Temple are passionate about providing emergency medicine education for everyone everywhere — an ideal that gels nicely with the LITFL philosophy.

If you have recordings of great talks, send them to Joe AT and he will add them to the online library.

I recommend checking out these recent talks by the man himself:

The LITFL team, with help from Joe Lex and Dylan Flipse, have recently completed the addition of all 1100+ talks from this incredible library into our searchable online database of free and high quality EM/ICU talks and podcasts… Indeed, listening to a few of Joe’s talks helped turn the numbing task of entering in all the data into a highly productive exercise!

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