Pathology VIVA by Year

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** 2010.2 Vascular Changes of Inflammation Antibody Mediated Hypersensitivity Hepatitis C DIC Post Streptococcal GN
Hypertrophy Role of Platelets in Haemostasis Ulcerative Colitis Cholera Parkinsonism
Type 1 (Immediate) Hypersensitivity Angiogenesis Pseudo-membranous Colitis Cholecystitis Osteoarthritis

Cellular Events of Inflammation Acute Pancreatitis Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Iron Deficiency Anaemia E. coli Gastroenteritis
** 2010.1 Reperfusion injury Apoptosis Emphysema Aortic dissection Acute meningitis
Metaplasia Wound healing Coagulation cascade Influenza Portal hypertension
Hypertrophy Oedema Type II Hypersensitivity Hepatitis D Haemolytic anaemia
** 2009.2 Type I Hypersensitivity Chronic inflammation Tumour effects on host Streptococcal infections DIC
Wound healing (Primary) Normal haemostasis Diabetes Mellitus Type I Ischaemic bowel ARDS
Reversible versus irreversible cellular injury Host barriers to infection Embolism Acute pancreatitis Multiple sclerosis
2009.1 Inflammation: Vascular changes Haemostasis: platelets role Tumour invasion/metastasis Influenza Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Ischaemia: Cellular change Pathogenesis of septic shock Hepatitis C Von Willebrand disease Malignant Mesothelioma
Thrombosis Type IV Hypersensitivity Neisserial infections Vitamin K Crohn’s disease
** 2008.2 Ischaemic Injury Type II Hypersensitivity Tuberculosis Calcific Aortic stenosis Thyrotoxicosis
Inflammation: complement Wounds Malaria Pericarditis Diabetes Mellitus Type I
Cellular changes in inflammation Type III Hypersensitivity Candidiasis Atherosclerosis Pituitary adenoma
** 2008.1 Hypertrophy vs Hyperplasia Pathological calcification Hepatitis A Nephrotic syndrome Sickle cell anaemia
Apoptosis Angiogenesis Hepatitis C Gout DIC
Scar formation Embolism Clostridial infections Peptic ulcer disease Pre-eclampsia
2007.2 Metaplasia Type I Hypersensitivity Myocardial infarction Berry aneurysm Von Willebrand’s Disease
Chronic inflammation Type IV Hypersensitivity Emphysema Alzheimer’s disease Haemophilia A
Fracture healing Atopic asthma Urolithiasis Non-haemorrhagic CVA Septic shock
** 2007.1 Hyperplasia Wound healing (Primary) Herpes simplex Subarachnoid haemorrhage Alcoholic liver disease
Atrophy Inflammation: Vascular response Measles Multiple sclerosis Cholecystitis
Hypertrophy Oedema Meningitis Atopic asthma Aortic dissection
** 2006.2 Thrombosis Complement in inflammation Nephrotic syndrome Radiation injury Viral hepatitis
Reperfusion injury Haemostasis: platelets role Acute pancreatitis Pernicious anaemia Lead poisoning
Apoptosis Coagulation cascade Thiamine deficiency Post streptococcal GN Hepatitis D
2006.1 Reperfusion injury Diabetes Mellitus Type II Atopic asthma Post streptococcal GN Varicella-zoster
Ischaemia: Reversible vs irreversible Diabetes Mellitus Type I Emphysema Cholera Acute tubular necrosis
Inflammation: Vascular changes Graves disease Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Urolithiasis Salmonella dysentery
2005.2 Ischaemic injury Type III Hypersensitivity Hepatitis A Crohn’s disease Osteoarthritis
Reperfusion injury Type II Hypersensitivity Hepatitis B Ulcerative colitis Rheumatoid arthritis
Apoptosis Septic shock Varicella-zoster Ischaemic bowel Gout
2005.1 Fracture healing Coagulation cascade Cirrhosis Legionella pneumonia Extracellular matrix
Primary wound repair Thrombosis Acute pancreatitis Mycobacterium tuberculosis Metastasis
Scar formation Coagulation: platelets role Portal hypertension Influenza Para neoplastic syndrome
2004.2 Acute ischaemia Healing by first intention Gastroenteritis Aortic dissection Metaplasia
Cell Injury Fibrosis: scar formation Salmonella Enteritis Abdominal aortic aneurysm Metastatic calcification
Apoptosis Angiogenesis Cholera Calcific aortic stenosis Steatosis
2004.1 Wound healing Hepatitis B Streptococcal infections ARDS Diabetes Mellitus Type I
Thrombosis Clostridial wound infections Aortic aneurysm Asthma Acute Pancreatitis
** 2003.2 Reversible ischaemia Coagulation: platelets role Acute pericarditis HIV Smoking
Inflammation: Vascular response DIC Type III Hypersensitivity Primary tuberculosis Heroin
Irreversible ischaemia Coagulation cascade Acute myocardial infarction Plasmodium falciparum Acute radiation exposure
2003.1 Haemorrhagic shock Peripheral nerve repair Atypical pneumonia B cells Hypertensive heart disease
Oedema Healing of fractures Nonbacterial meningitis Complement in immune processes Atherosclerosis
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