Anatomy VIVA by Year

Sitting Station 1 X-Ray Station 2 Bone Station 3 Model Station 4 Photo Station 5 Discussion
** 2010.2 Chest XR Sacrum Hand Gluteal Area Facial Nerve
CT head Femur Thumb Anterior Triangle neck Surface Anatomy of the Pleura
Pelvis XR Skull Ankle Wrist and Hand (Left) Abdomen surface anatomy
Peg XR Ankle Joint Heart Cubital Fossa Abdominal aorta branches
** 2010.1 Face XR Pelvis Heart Brachial Plexus Lower Limb venous drainage
Face XR Pelvis Heart Brachial Plexus Lower Limb venous drainage
Abdomen CT Femur Larynx U Limb Veins Brain Blood Supply
** 2009.2 Ankle XR AP/Lat Humerus Eye Muscles Thoracic Inlet Male urethra
Head CT Ankle/foot Arm Aorta/IVC/kidneys LP – Layers penetrated
Wrist Ap/Lat C2 Femoral triangle Pelvis Surface anatomy of the pleura
2009.1 Face XR Cervical/lumbar spine Foot Thoracic inlet Palmar spaces of the hand
Brain CT Clavicle Knee Posterior abdo wall Lymphatic drainage U Limb
Abdomen CT Thoracic spine Leg Wrist Surface anatomy of the neck
** 2008.2 Elbow XR Tibia Larynx Pelvis Arterial circle of Willis
Abdomen CT Tibia and fibula Heart Neck Dermatomes of the upper limb
Chest XR Skull Cubital fossa Popliteal fossa Diaphragm
** 2008.1 Pelvis XR AP Carpal Bones Larynx Femoral triangle Chest Wall – Muscle layers
Pelvis XR AP Foot Bones Tongue Posterior abdo wall Cubital fossa
Knee XR Mandible Heart Median nerve Blood supply of the gut
2007.2 Head CT Femur & Acetabulum Eye Thorax Sensory innervation U limb
Head CT C1 and C2 Ankle Abdomen Brachial plexus
C spine XR Lateral Humerus & Scapula Ankle Pelvis Cerebrospinal fluid
** 2007.1 Abdomen XR Thoracic vertebrae Heart Gluteal region Dorsum of the hand and wrist
Chest XR Lumbar vertebrae Forearm Neck Sensory innervation L limb
Neck Soft Tissue XR First rib Ankle Abdomen Radial nerve
** 2006.2 Abdomen CT Ankle Arm Thoracic inlet Facial nerve
Abdomen CT Foot Eye Side of neck Flexor retinaculum
Face XR AP Scapula Knee Posterior abdo wall Arterial circle of Willis
2006.1 Ankle XR Ulna and humerus Eye Femoral triangle LP – Layers penetrated
PEG view XR Femur and tibia Arm Back of thigh ICC Chest landmarks
Knee XR Humerus Heart Face L limb myotomes/femoral n.
2005.2 Abdomen XR First rib Cubital fossa Face Knee ligaments and stability
Face XR AP Lumbar vertebrae Femoral triangle Neck/thoracic inlet Median n. distal to the elbow
Hand and wrist Pelvis Heart Posterior abdo wall Post compartment of the leg
2005.1 Cervical spine XR Femur Eye Posterior abdo wall Flexion of middle finger
Chest XR Carpal Bones Eye Neck Sensation of great toe
Ankle XR Scapula Larynx – Mandible Face Movements of thumb
** 2004.2 Carpal Bones Thoracic vertebrae Larynx Axilla Ankle – saphenous vein
Knee XR Skull Heart Femoral triangle Dermatomes of upper limb
Elbow X Cervical vertebrae Knee Thoracic inlet Myotomes of lower limb
2004.1 Abdomen XR Radius Shoulder Lateral face Lower Limb venous drainage
Pelvis XR Bone B2 Heart Back of thigh Surface Anterior wrist
** 2003.2 Elbow XR C1 and C2 Hip joint Posterior abdo wall Hand – vascular supply
Ankle XR Lumbar vertebrae Forearm model Thoracic inlet Hand – Intrinsic muscles
Hand and wrist Thoracic vertebrae Knee joint Lateral face and neck Ankle and foot sensation
2003.1 Chest XR Humerus Ankle Wrist Dorsum Surface Dorsum wrist
Knee XR Ulna Face Posterior abdo wall Upper Limb venous drainage
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