ACEM Primary Examination

ACEM Primary Examination

Anatomy Pathology Pharmacology Physiology
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ACEM Exam Reports

Year 1st Sitting 2nd Sitting
2013 Report 2013.1 [53] Report 2013.2 [54]
2012 Report 2012.1 [51] Report 2012.2 [52]
2011 Report 2011.1 [49] Report 2011.2 [50]
2010 Report 2010.1 [47] Report 2010.2 [48]
2009 Report 2009.1 [45] Report 2009.2 [46]
2008 Report 2008.1 [43] Report 2008.2 [44]

Recommended Texts

ACEM Primary Examination

Written Examination

  • MCQ Examination
  • A written MCQ examination based on a set MCQ Matrix lasts for 90 minutes and is held in each of the four basic sciences.
  • The multiple choice questions are type A questions: choose the one most correct response from fouroptions.
    • MCQ Paper 1 Anatomy (60 questions)
    • MCQ Paper 2 Pathology (60 questions)
    • MCQ Paper 3 Physiology (60 questions)
    • MCQ Paper 4 Pharmacology (60 questions)

Viva Examinations

  • Viva Examination Questions
  • Each candidate undergoes a 10-minute oral examination conducted by a pair of examiners in each of the four basic sciences.
  • Props such as bones, normal X-rays and anatomical models are used in the anatomy viva, but not in the other subjects. Of particular note, pathology specimens are not used
  • 2013.2 CHANGES: The primary will still consist of the four current subjects and will remain a basic sciences exam.  It will still be bimodal with an MCQ and a viva component.
  • Candidates will sit an MCQ exam in each subject, which will take the same form as the current MCQ exam.  The trainees may choose to sit as many subjects as they wish at each exam sitting.
  • Trainees who have passed the MCQ component of all four subjects will be able to sit their viva component.
  • The vivas will consist of four scenario led oral exams, each with topics from each of the four subjects.  Each trainee will sit four vivas in a session.  The candidate must overall pass the four combined vivas at one exam to complete their primary.
  • There will be aspects of ALL FOUR subjects within each viva. [Example vivas 2012]
  • LITFL with be creating Basic Science in Clinical Context to assist with this

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