Visual Aid Questions [VAQ]

VAQ’s test a candidates ability to process visually presented information such as X-rays, pathology results and clinical images. The nature of the sources used for each exam is broadly outlined in the Training and Examination Handbook. The VAQ examination contains 8 questions in 60 minutes (7.5 minutes per question)

ACEM Fellowship Visual Aid Questions

The 8 questions must include at least one of each of the following five sections

[ECG] Electrocardiogram [INVX] Investigations [RAD] Radiology
[TRM] Trauma [PAED] Paediatric

LITFL also finds it useful to define a sixth section for the “clinical photographs” [CLIN]. This is not strictly a category in its own right, but which affords good revision material. There is obviously crossover between these sections, but in essence the commonest combination of questions includes

  • ECG [2 questions]
  • Radiology [2 questions – especially CXR and CT head]
  • Investigations [2 questions – usually an ABG and one of FBC/ELFT/Tox interpretation]
  • Clinical Image [2 photos – covering areas such as trauma, burns, rashes for example]

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