Short Answer Questions [SAQ]

ACEM Fellowship Short Answer Questions (SAQ)

The format for this paper is eight (8) questions over 120 minutes (approximately 15 minutes per question). The paper focuses on assessment, interpretation, prioritization, clinical and non-clinical management issues and written communication at a consultant level. All questions are evenly weighted and are marked out of 10. Candidates are required to pass a minimum of five questions and have a total score of 40 or greater to pass this component of the examination. These questions are marked by two examiners who give a single agreed mark.

Candidates are required to have both the raw score and the number of questions passed in order to obtain a particular grade.

The SAQ paper aims to test the candidate’s ability to

  • Demonstrate factual knowledge
  • Analyse, synthesise and prioritise diagnostic and management options in Emergency Medicine
  • Discriminate between various assessment and management options based on evidence based principles
  • Apply safe decision making
  • Demonstrate skills in team/resource management and emergency medical administration
  • Apply principles of clinical governance
  • Communicate competently in written medium at professional level
  • Demonstrate time management skills in order to deal with a range of topics in limited time

The 8 questions must include at least one question from the following sections

[ADMIN] Administration [SURG] Surgery
[TRM] Trauma [RESUS] Resuscitation/Anaesthesia
[MED] Medicine [PAED] Paediatric

The additional 2 questions will be sourced from the following CORE topics [CORE]

  • Emergency Medical Systems
  • ENT/Eyes
  • Environmental
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Toxicology
  • Minor Trauma (includingorthopaedics)

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