Social Media in Medical Education

Just arrived in San Francisco for Essentials of Emergency Medicine

This year I have been given the opportunity to talk about the potential role of social media in medical education. Thankfully I have made it to stage 8 of the 11 phases of presentation preparation, and thought it would be a good idea to get some of the concepts out as pre-reading blogposts before the actual presentations.

Essentials of Emergency Medicine Conference 2011

The scope for the talks is ‘broad’ as described by Mel Herbert, and gave me a blank canvas for the discussion.

And so, limited only by the duration of the talks, I set about creating some discreet areas for discussion. I will be covering

Firstly – an exploration of the current generational trichotomy and other such neologisms

generational trichotomy

Secondly  – an exploration of the fundamental ethos of social media in medical education – bringing educators and learners together, and turning passive learners into active listeners

Defining Social Media Platforms

To cope with a potentially diverse social media knowledge base I thought it prudent to define some sort of structure to the talks, and so each platform includes worked examples as well as a discussion of:

  • WHAT is the social media platform?
  • WHY should I use it/WHY is it useful?
  • WHEN should I use it?
  • HOW can I use it in the setting of social media in education?

After all, the rate of adoption amongst physicians globally is low – so what have I got to lose!

Innovation adoption doctors

Try to define a simple approach to choosing WHICH social media platform to use:

  • Sharable
  • Mobile
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable
  • Credible
  • Cost Effective (FREE)

The Cycle of Social Media in Medical Education

Examining the social media and medical education information cycle gives us a chance to review the ket platforms which are useful to the 16% laggards in the adoption cycle

Social medica in medical education
In particular we will be discussing…

  • Blogs, blog platforms and the blogging ecosystem
  • Podcasting as an extension of blogs
  • Multimedia platforms (e.g. YouTube, Slideshare, Medpedia)
  • Content dissemination: Locating content sources (e.g. Webicina); Delivering content (e.g. Google Reader) and Reading content (e.g. Feedly)


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    • says

      Trying to get my thoughts around the concept of the three talks -- been great to try to get the concept out in blog form as it makes it much easier for me to contemplate the final discussion and presentation.
      There are so many animations in the talk -- I will probably have to try to create a voiceover Slideshare animation or will be able to take the video from the conference and share that way -- either way it would be great to get some synchronous discussion started with respect to the next stages in clinical medicine social media development
      Talk 2 -- has a longer video construction --

  1. says

    Mike… can you please tell me the name of that song, it’s ghostly echoing inside my cranial vault everytime I stop playing the video, I have to get it to my headphones in proper mp3 format!


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