Essentials of EM – Preparation

A few months ago I was invited by the guru of Emergency Medicine edumucation – Mel Herbert MD – to present at Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2011 in San Francisco.

However the initial warm glow of honour at being an invited to speak has now been replaced with the blind panic of actually deciding what to speak about…

In light of the fact that I write a blog, and am preparing three talks on social media in medical education, I felt it pertinent that I should share some of this journey with you – well the mildly interesting bits anyway!

I am currently fluctuating between stages 5, 6 and 7 of the lecture preparation process…

The 11 phases of grief  presentation preparation

  1. Acquiescence – blind acceptance of speaking invitation
  2. Denial – after all, 3 months…seems a very long time
  3. Ignorance – blissful and protracted, there is always tomorrow
  4. Realisation – 10 days…seems an awfully short amount of time
  5. Panic
  6. Conceptualisation – defining what to write about
  7. Conversion – analog to digital metamorphosis
  8. Visualisation – cerebral rehearsal
  9. Presentation – there is no tomorrow
  10. Beer
  11. Evaluation – next time I will do things differently!
Mike Cadogan Essentials of Emergency Medicine preparation

Stage 7: Analog to Digital metamorphosis

Hopefully the labile fluctuations will subside and I will be able to present some form of coherent description of stages 7 and 8 later in the week!

As long as I don’t get too distracted with my new toy from FreelandStudios – the awesome iRetrofone that is!

iretrofone freeland studios

Stage 6.5: Technological deviation (work avoidance tactics)


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  1. says

    Master Mike-Ro-Phone,

    I feel your psychic pain. I have been asked to do a mere 10 minutes of steaming hot comedy for Essentials at 3:20PM on Nov 10th. The prospect of 1200 x-treme bungee-jumping call-sign-having maverick EM docs staring me down on that stage has caused me to enter stage 12 of your flowchart: fecal incontinence.

    Looking forward to finally meeting you mate! You’ll recognize me by the smell of poo.


  2. Chris Knight says

    Hi Mike,
    Talk on social media in medical education ! sounds great . can’t wait to listen your talk . Our group of ED Docs from Melbourne are coming to Essential this year . See you there!

    • says

      Looking forward to having a couple of people in the audience…
      Always a bit hit and miss with the lunchtime slot, but some Aussie support would be greatly appreciated!

  3. says

    “Whiteboard” is an iMac box
    Images on iMac are developed on Keynote transferred from iPad through iCloud and displayed in series as three talks
    Once workflow of talks completed, then add confirmatory images, text and references

    • says

      …if I can rattle out some more details surrounding the talks I will be happy to answer any questions
      Hopefully something will be ready by the end of the weekend…