Eric’s Medical Lectures

Amazing series of medical education videos in the spirit of #FOAMed well worth reviewing and bookmarking

Dr Eric Strong is Clinical Assistant Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and has created a YouTube Education Channel with a variety of well thought out, well paced, information rich, free lectures which deal with some of the most important principles in medicine.

Dr Eric has 100+ useful and interactive medical education discussions, which provide a simple didactic and pragmatic approach to dealing with and understanding basic medical principles. Good examples include hyperkalaemia, hypokalaemia, hypernatraemiahyponatraemia, and clinical topics such as cardiac heart sounds

His recent series on interpreting the chest x-ray is still in development but is well worth while watching

How to Interpret a Chest X-Ray



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  1. Pedro Jorge says

    These lectures are so good! I have been following Dr. Eric Strong for some time now. The lectures have been helping me a lot. Is there any other youtube content like this?

  2. Ivan Stevanovic says

    Thank God and good people for internet and its learning content. Now It is only up to us if we want or not to be great doctors. Thanks dear respected colleagues from Serbia. Ivan