Enter the smaccGOLD RUSH!


smaccgold_rushAs you already know smaccGOLD promises to be an amazing event…

Now it is shaping up to be ludicrously awesome…

If you can demonstrate that you can function as part of the ultimate multi-disciplinary critical care team during the conference, your team will win $5,000 cold hard cash.

That’s right, FIVE GRAND!

Here’s the low down, from ICN’s Oli Flower on behalf of the smaccGOLD organising committee:

Competition Objective

  • Teams should visit as many trade exhibits as possible and complete the short (< 5 minute) challenge at each stand.
  • The challenges are scored out of 10 at each stand. Each team’s total score is a summation of all their completed challenges.
  • The winning team will have the highest total score at the end of the afternoon tea break on Friday the 21st March.
  • The winner will be announced at the conclusion of Simwars.

Rules of Gold Rush

  • Teams must have at least 3 members and may have a maximum of 5 members
  • $1000 maximum will be paid to each team member up to a maximum of $5000
  • Challenges will include a variety of skills used by students/nurses/doctors/paramedics etc. Teams with varied skill sets are likely to do better.
  • Bonus points will be offered to teams for:
  • Being among the first 10 teams to enter (3 points for the first 5; 2 points for the second 5)
  • Diversity: incorporating the greatest range of disciplines, in true smaccGOLD fashion. (10 bonus points for a team with ICU/ED/Anaesthesia/ Paramedic/Student delegates as individuals – i.e. you can’t claim both paramedic and student for one team member – they need to be two people).
  • Geographic range: 5 bonus points for teams with individuals from at least 3 different hospitals- and additional points per state represented in teams
  • Creativity: 5 Bonus points for the most creative team name as judged by the smaccGOLD organising committee

And note…

  • This is a competition
  • Scores will be collected at the end of each break
  • Team tallies will be displayed on a leader-board
  • Bad behaviour will be punished: The organising committee will disqualify teams for behaviour judged to be un-smacc like
  • This is not a democracy: the organising committee will be the arbiters of the winning team

Get Ahead

If you’re coming to smacc and want to meet other people to form a gold rush team, email us now and we can help to connect you…

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