Emergency Medicine Update March 2012

We’ve changed the format of how we’re presenting EMU on LITFL. We’ll be highlighting the contents of EMU in a highly abbreviated, but still informative form – so you know what to look for. You’ll need to read the full update for all the analysis, criticisms, debates and (of course) the humour.

So, what are you waiting for?

To read the entire update you can download the original MS word document version here, or you can subscribe to EMU directly via email by sending a message to:
jbleibmd AT yahoo.com 

Also, remember to check out previous editions of EMU on LITFL here.

So what’s in this month’s EMU?

So what’s not in this month’s EMU?

EMU tends to steer clear of two of the big guns — Annals of Emergency Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine — because most people see these journals and they’re covered elsewhere. For instance there are these audio productions:

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