Emergency Medicine Update April 2012

Here’s an overview of this month’s EMU in a highly abbreviated, but still informative form – so you know what to look for. You’ll need to read the full update for all the analysis, criticisms, debates and (of course) the humour.

So, what are you waiting for?

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So, what’s in this month’s EMU?

  • IV erythromycin speeds up gastric emptying… the possibilities are boundless (Ann Emerg Med 57(6)582)
  • Thrombolysis for iliofemoral DVTs — remember post-thrombotic syndrome. (ibid 590) Hypertonic saline inhalations and a dexamethasone IV/epinephrine inhalation may help in bronchiolitis.(AJRCCM 183(10)1284)
  • 1 in 6 children in the US with asthma exacerbations gets antibiotics — they don’t need them! (Peds  127 (6)1174)
  • Could 100% sensitivity and specificity for ultrasound determination of esophAgeal vs endotracheal intubtion be too good to be true? ( J Ultrasound Med 30(5)671)
  • Use high energy (doesn’t cause harm) biphasic shocks for defibrillation (Resusc 82(6)647)
  • Early attempts at prognostician are hit-and-miss for cardiac arrest patients treated with hypothermia (Resuc 82(6)653)
  • Which antiarrhythmic used in resuscitation has been proven to work? None (ibid 82(6)665)
  • Soft palate impalement injuries can usually be managed conservatively.. yet 32% still went to the OR… (J Oral Max Surg 69(6)e147)
  • Strokes in young adults… Cause known in <50% but carotid dissection should make you nervous about TPA use (Neuop 76(23)1983)
  • The PE paper of the month (Chest 139(6)1294)
  • Too high PO2 may cause harm post-resuscitation.. Wean O2 whenever possible (Circ  123(23)2717)
  • Ruling out of serious infections by blood tests is – as Greg Henry says- the refuge of the intellectually destitute (BMJ 342:Jun 8)
  • Outpatient settings are a hotbed for malpractice suits… probably due to systems factors (JAMA 305(23)2464)
  • Triage doesn’t identify sick patients very well (Ann Emerg Med 58(2)137)
  • Anyone can use ultrasound to safely get peripheral IV access (AJEM 29(5)496)
  • Sedation of the elderly is safe (AJEM 29(5)541)
  • MRSA from pets… stop kissing your dog! ( (Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis 11(6)617 and Epid Infect 138(5)195)
  • You are about to witness a murder… (of Cerebro Vasc Dis 31(2)170).
  • Diagnostic decision making: the last refuge for general practitioners? (Soc Scie Med 73(3)375)
  • A proposal for reducing malpractice suits (J Law Med Ethics 39(3)539)
  • The mystery of hiccups — causes and treatments (Can Fam Phys 57(6)672)
  • More on honey.. for wounds and burns (Am J Clin Derm 12(3)181)
  • Letters from Yoav Aronson and Dr Shapiro
  • Brief discussion of airway issues with Scott Weingart and Chris Nickson
  • Part 2 of the EMU essay on movement disorders based on Arch Neuro 68(6) 719).
  • And, finally, the MUST READ recap of the funniest journal articles of the year!

… and what’s not in this month’s EMU?

EMU tends to steer clear of two of the big guns — Annals of Emergency Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine — because most people see these journals and they’re covered elsewhere. For instance there are these audio productions:

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