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The team at Life in the Fast Lane LOVE podcasts

But NO, before you leap for your ear-plugs, we haven’t decided to inflict our strange mix of Austra-NZ-ish accents on the global stage…instead we have plumped for the safer (and kinder) option of collating the very best of the free-to-air Emergency Medicine and Critical Care podcasts and video presentations from around the blogosphere.

Our sources for the collaborative database are listed on our online podcast database page. This is chock full of our favoured podcasts which are succinct, informative, message driven, full of pearls of wisdom (as well as the occasional rant) and emphasise adjunctive and iterative learning.

Life in the Fast Lane Online Audiovisual Education Database

By creating a database of video and audio emergency medical education resources, the user is now able to search for online podcasts by keywordauthorsourcetopic and title.

  • By default the Podcast Search page shows the first 30 podcasts. However the user can use the drop down field (top left) to reveal up to 100 podcasts per page.
  • By default the database displays an ascending list of the presenters. However the user can choose to sort any of the header fields field can be changed the presenters
  • Use the search bar (top right) to look for keywords, title words, presenters or your favourite podcasting source…

Online Emergency Medicine Podcast Database

It is still early stages and so far we have only entered the podcasts and video offerings of a few sources including

….but given our love of all night work sessions, it should not be too long before we have a comprehensive database!

There are thousands of useful resources available but we hope this resource will assist in refining your search for audio-visual ecstasy. Please let us know if there are specific emergency medicine and critical care podcast resources not already on the podcast list and we will make the time to ensure that they are included.

A neat way of storing, saving, downloading podcasts for iPhone is Instacast – check it out

Podcast Database

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  1. Francesca Ambrosini says

    Amazing! This is a brilliant compilation of podcasts in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. The best of the best perfectly organized for those in the field. Cheers!

    • says

      Cheers mate
      But as you know…it is a family affair, and it is the Life in the Fast Lane team who should be congratulated on creating such a useful database of free information