Emergency Medicine Australasia

Life in the Fast Lane has it’s roots firmly in Australia – despite having a Welshman and a Kiwi at the helm!

As such…this year we have been collating short editorial reviews from our local journal – Emergency Medicine Australasia which publishes peer-reviewed articles, reports, reviews and opinions on the research and clinical practice of emergency care.

Emergency Medicine Australasia, with its strong interest in the effectiveness of emergency diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, is the journal of choice for anyone concerned with improving patient care in the pre-hospital and hospital emergency settings. As the leading journal in the specialty of emergency medicine in the Asia Pacific region, Emergency Medicine Australasia is committed to the furthering of scientific research, the support of educational objectives, and the dissemination of information to the emergency medicine community.

We will be hosting short editorial comments on the key papers from each issue of the journal – and encouraging the publishers to allow us access to the full-text version online of these articles. Each issue will be hosted on LITFL (e.g. the resuscitation guidelines, Vol. 24, Issue 1 and Issue 2) will will then be collated on the EMA Journal page on LITFL.

Hopefully these will provide insight into some of the great academic work being performed in the Southern Hemisphere.

Emergency Medicine Australasia

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