NHS Emergency Fail Tale

Have you ever been to emergency because you can’t get off a fake nail? Taken your poorly pet to emergency instead of the vet? the next Emergency Musical Interlude comes form the NHS…

It might sound far-fetched but the star of this video, Dee, sings about some real-life examples of emergency department misuse. She is advised by our singing physician on the best times to use emergency and about the alternative services to utilise when things aren’t as emergent…

  • Concept and Creative: NHS Arden Commissioning Support
  • Lyrics by Aaron Ashmore, (NHS Arden Commissioning Support), James Cannock (One Nation Studios) and Edi Johnston
  • Design: Vashti Purvey (NHS Arden Commissioning Support)
  • Animation by Ignite Creative Ltd
  • Vocals: Edi Johnston
  • Music produced by: One Nation Studios

LITFL musings and meanderings

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  1. meyati says

    I guess that that Brits don’t have drunks come in, because they can get food. It wouldn’t be so bad if someone that had a smashed hand with broken bones or a bleeding head injury didn’t have to wait 6 hours.

  2. Ruth Little says

    Hilarious! especially like the lady with fab rhythm despite her hair on being on fire. Salient points made though and it would be great if this was shared & tweeted worldwide.