Emergency Care Information Gateway

Emergency Care information Gateway is an Australian website developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council to support the exchange of resources and sharing of ideas to promote improved emergency care. The site targets anyone involved in providing emergency care: doctors, nurses, and paramedics. The site is free to use, but does require you to sign up to become a member if you wish to add information to the site. The information provided on the site is current, up to date, and has been reviewed by an editorial panel before being published. The monthly newsletter highlights all the updates on the site as well as other important events happening in the emergency care community — check out this month’s newsletter here.

The objectives of the Emergency Information Gateway:

  • To assist the uptake of evidence-based practice in emergency care
  • To provide access to evidence-based research information and practical solutions relevant to emergency care
  • To identify and work on common challenges facing the emergency care environment
  • To develop processes for making best use of good quality clinical care data

What does the site actually contain?

The site is broken up into the following 3 sections:

  1. Tools — this section contains recent published guidelines and resources on multiple conditions and areas in emergency care.
  2. Papers — this section gives you the latest pertinent research and feature articles from leading journals, on areas specific to emergency care.
  3. Forum — the forum has been established to support the exchange of ideas and sharing of your experiences in closing the evidence practice gaps in emergency care. On the forum you can rant and rave about whats bothering you in emergency care at the moment, seek out ideas, and network with emergency care clinicians from all over Australia.

One of the principal aims of the information gateway is to make tools and resources available to members that others have found useful. On the information gateway pages you will find a myriad of links, references to papers and systematic reviews, guidelines, protocols and other clinical tools.

Click here to check out this fantastic site and  start reaping the education rewards this site has to offer you and the patients you treat.

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  1. Kylie Nicholls says

    Hi there,

    Don’t seem to be able to locate the Emergency Information Gateway site -- can anyone let me know if it is still available?