TechTool Thursday 045 eFAST Trauma Ultrasound

TechTool review eFAST Trauma Ultrasound – ACEP on iPad

eFAST Trauma Ultrasound is essentially an eBook but with a twist. It is interactive and has multimedia content within the book. It’s an overview of ultrasound in trauma.
Great work by Mike Stone, Robert Jones and the American College of Emergency Physicians to produce such high quality #FOAMed material for global consumption – well done!

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  • This app looks beautiful. The colour scheme is eye-catching yet simple and the developers have made the most of iOS 7’s gestures.
  • The multimedia integration is smooth. Everything opens and loads exactly as it should.

User Interface





Clinical Content

The eFAST app has seven chapters that take you through trauma ultrasound: eFAST bedside consult;  general concepts; anatomic considerations; the eFAST exam; clinical applications; essential physics; and sonographic considerations.Chapters include: eFAST Bedside Consult; General Concepts; Anatomic Considerations; The eFAST Exam; Clinical Applications; Essential Physics and Sonographic Considerations

As well as text-based content, each chapter includes:

  • Videos on normal US images
  • Images of the external landmarks
  • Short teaching videos on abnormal findings



Room for Improvement

  • I did keep getting lost in the book and couldn’t remember whether I needed to swipe up-down or left-right to progress.
  • But really…that is it…otherwise I loved it.


  • I’m not generally a fan of eBooks but ACEP have really managed to achieve something great with this one. The videos, images and layout of the app make it easy to read and fun to use.
  • It’s free, engaging and a great educational tool.
  • Everyone should have this app on their iPad.
  • There are rumours that this will be part of a larger series of FREE iPad books from ACEP – which is fantastic news – vive la FOAMed
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