The Toxicology Conundrums are targeted case-based question-&-answer toxicology quiz posts designed to highlight important principles, pitfalls, and ‘tricks of the trade’ for the clinical assessment and management of poisoned and envenomed patients.
The approach used is based on the “The Toxicology Handbook” (by Lindsay MurrayFrank DalyMark Little, and Mike Cadogan) – with links to other references where appropriate. Remember if you require urgent assistance with poisoning or envenoming – contact the Australia Poisons Information Service [PIC].

Another TCA OverdoseTCA, amitriptyline, overdose, BCT, tricyclic antidepressant
Alprazoslammed Alprazolam, OD, BZD, flumazenil
Lithium, Vomiting And DiarrhoeaLithium, acute OD,
Brain Dead?quetiapine, Baclofen, Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
A Fumbling, Mumbling Messbenzodiazepine, toxidrome, anticholinergic, Physostigmine
Paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicityparacetamol, overdose, hepatotoxicity, liver
Propanolol Overdosebeta blocker, B-blocker, OD, propanolol
Therapeutic ShoweringCannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, showering
A Remorseless PoisonColchicine, polypharmacy, overdose
A Toxic SlumberClonidine
Life in the TOO fast lane?Bromo-DragonFLY, Mephedrone, Nexus, 2C-B, K2, Spice, Salvia, Naphyrone, NRG-1
Paralysis and a head lumpTick
Smoking is deadlySmoke inhalation, CO, carbon monoxide
Hypoglycemia, but how?Hypoglycemia
Seafood poisoningMarine, Seafood poisoning, seafood
Ethylene glycol inebriationEthylene glycol,
The toddler with the Iron gutIron, pediatric, paediatric
Chloroquine poisoning?Chloroquine
Corrosive ingestionCorrosive, Corrosive ingestion
The Antidote ChallengeAntidote
Acute Dystonic ReactionDystonia, Acute Dystonic Reaction, OGC
Two pills can killpaediatric, pediatric, toddler, toxicity, fatal
Verapamil overdoseVerapamil, CCB, calcium channel blocker
The sniff a poison‰ challengepoison, sniff, smell
Snakebite Envenoming ChallengeSnakebite, snake, Envenoming
Toxidrome ChallengeToxidrome
Serotonin toxicitySerotonin toxicity
Toxic SeizuresSeizures, toxicology seizures, Toxic Seizures
Tricyclic antidepressant toxicityTCA, Tricyclic antidepressant, toxicity, poisoning
Supratherapeutic INRINR, toxicity, warfarin
Chloral hydrate overdoseChloral hydrate
Thyroxine overdoseThyroxine
Necrotic arachnidism?Necrotic arachnidism, spider, spiderbite
Citalopram overdoseCitalopram, poisoning, overdose
Warfarin deliberate self poisoningwarfarin, DSP, poisoning
Little Johnny and Grandad‰s warfarinwarfarin, overdose, paediatric, pediatric
Theophylline overdoseTheophylline, poisoning, overdose
Lionfish envenomingLionfish, marine, envenoming
Stingray envenomingStingray, marine, envenoming
It was the little octopus!BRO, blue ringed octopus, octopus, marine, envenoming
Chironex fleckeri envenomingChironex fleckeri, marine, envenoming, box jellyfish, jellyfish
Irukandji Territory-styleIrukandji, Irukandji Syndrome, marine, envenoming, jellyfish
Irukandji PuzzlerIrukandji, Irukandji Syndrome, marine, envenoming, jellyfish
Strychnine poisoningStrychnine poisoning, Strychnine
Suboxone PoisoningSuboxone poisoning, Suboxone
Snakebite?Snakebite, envenoming, snake
Is this a RedBack I see before me?RBS, Redback, Spider, Redback Spider, envenoming
Bitten by a Redback SpiderRBS, Redback, Spider, Redback Spider, envenoming
Poisoning by a mercury thermometermercury, thermometer, poisoning
Paracetamol‰Û_ Too much, too often?Paracetamol,

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"I need help... Someone's stolent my Tox Handbook!"

“I need help… Someone’s stolen my Tox Handbook!”

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