Hypochloraemia (<95) (Usually associated with sodium losses)

Cause of HYPOchloraemia

1)    Drugs

    • Bicarbonate (Inversely proportional to chloride)
    • Steroids
    • Diuretics, laxatives (Increased Mg and PO4)
    • Theophylline

      2)    Increased losses (Volume contraction and metabolic alkalosis)

        • Excessive sweating
        • Excessive diuresis
        • Prolonged vomiting (Pyloric stenosis) or NGT aspiration
        • Rena – Salt-losing nephropathy
          1. Adrenocortical deficiency
          2. Acute intermittent porphyria
          3. SIADH (Hand in hand with Na)

            Associated with metabolic alkalosis in most cases due to sodium retention at expense of hydrogen ions

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