International Emergency Medicine

This is the start of the “International Emergency Medicine (IEM)” section of the Life in the fast lane blog.

“It always seems impossible until its done.”
— Nelson Mandela

The Vision

  • Connect the community of IEM junkies, as well as introduce new people to this community
  • Provide ready access to the International Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group (IEMSIG) newsletter
  • Create a Global Directory of IEM resources, online links, contacts and conferences and provide a ‘starter kit’ for health professionals interested in starting or extending their IEM experience
  • Compile an “easy access” database of International EM stories from people who’ve done international work – “Post cards from the edge”
    • This will raise awareness for junior health professionals who want to do IEM work but have no idea of what resources and support is available to them
    • By providing connections, resources and real-life stories we can advance the development of International Emergency Medicine
  • Promote the excellent work of fellow International medicine Groups e.g. Labs Without Walls
  • Cross-link with discussion platforms such as the International Emergency Medicine (Australasia) Group on Facebook and the Emergency Physicians International professional network
  • Provide updates and commentary from the International EM literature
  • Remind people about the Millenium Development Goals, as well as the 90/10 gap between research funding and the actual conditions causing burden of disease which happens in … you guessed it – in the third world!

“I keep meeting junior docs who are so interested in doing some International work, but they don’t know where to start or who to talk to, I and many like me do know of ways of how to start, and who to talk to, but I don’t currently have a way of sharing this information effectively.”
— Dr Bishan Rajapakse

Important links to connect with

Always follow your heart and your “own” dreams as life is too short to follow someone else’s dreams.


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    Work the World was set up in 2005, with the aim of providing students from healthcare professions with safe, affordable, hassle-free overseas experiences. We rapidly developed a very strong reputation, with students and universities alike, for providing top quality clinical placements, unrivalled levels of back-up and support, and superb opportunities for cultural exchange, social interaction and further travel. We do not organize bilateral exchange placements, but unilateral tailored placements for students that offer a unique experience. We make sure that our partner hospitals are not burdened with the responsibility of organising the logistical side and duty of care to students out of placement, which they do not have the time or resources to cope with. We do promote the opportunity for an educational and capacity building exchange of skills in these placements, which in essence, brings about global health development.

    We are currently the world’s largest specialist provider of overseas healthcare placements, arranging over 1200 electives every year for students and professionals from medicine, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, physical therapy and radiography fields, from our sites across the globe.

    We operate in Argentina, Ghana, Tanzania, Nepal and Sri Lanka with new projects in the pipeline.

    Whats included:
    A guaranteed clinical placement, organised by our professional staff in their chosen country
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    Meals and secure, comfortable accommodation in a large Work the World house.
    In country support from our well-trained, local staff
    No hassle – we cut through all the red tape so that they can arrive and get stuck straight in

    • says

      Hi Simon, thanks for sharing this information about “work the world” (I found the website at -- ). It looks like a great service you all are doing. I help administer a facebook interest group in IEM and will share this link on this forum as I’m sure there will be many among them who could benefit from your services!