BroomeDocs Clinical Cases

Our Aussie mate Dr Casey Parker is doing a sterling job of producing clinical cases over on his BroomeDocs blog.  We have the honour to host a searchable database of clinical cases for your cognitive pleasure


001Pedestrian vs. car, trauma, resuscitation
002SVT, amphetamines, pharmacotherapySVT, verapamil, adenosine,
003Palliative care, chronic pain, opiate analgesiaPain control, opiate, palliative care,
004Post- extubation respiratory failureNegative pressure oedema, PEEP, ventilation strategy
005Pruritis, oedmea, infection in a childNephrotic syndrome, allergy, paediatric renal disease
006Meningitis, what causes acute encephalitis in the north?Murray Valley encephalitis, meningitis, antibiotics
007DKA, resuscitation therapy, insulinDiabetic ketoacidosis, evidence, insulin, fluid resuscitaion
008Pain in the legs, weakness, neurological injuryPaediatric neurology, leg pain , Guillane-Barre
009Chest trauma, penetrating injury - how did this happen?Penetrating chest injury, CXR, thoracic foreign body
010STEMI, medications and interventionsSTEMI evidence, update, pharmacotherapy
011Psychiatric sedation and transfer - long haulPsychosis, sedation, aspiratiopn risk, transfer
012Hypertension, pulmonary oedema, pregnancy - diagnosisPregnancy, ecclampsia, diagnosis, phaeochromocytoma
013Respiratory failure, diagnosis, resuscitationRespiratory failure, sarcoidosis, cancer, diagnosis, CT chest
014Knife to chest, trauma, massive resuscitation,Haemostatic resuscitation, chest trauma, stabbing
015Obstetric sepsis, amnionitisObstetric pain, sepsis
016Toddler vs. TV chest traumaPaediatric trauma, shock, fluid resuscitation, cardiac tamponade
017Unusual ulcers in a refugeeUlcers, tropical disease, rickettsia
018Limb injury, arterial bleeding - resuscitationLimb trauma, bleeding, torniquet, resuscitation
019Croupy cough, causes and managementCroup, tracheitis, epiglottitis, steroids
020Acute pulmonary oedema - what is the evidence?Pulmonary Oedema, acute, NIV, CPAP, GTN, diuretics
021Pregnancy, vomiting, what is going on?Hyperemesis, pregnancy, twin gestation
022Rash, anaemia, Gi bleeding?Rash, GI bleeding, telangiectasia
023Bell's palsy in pregancyBell's palsy, pregnancy, steroids, antivirals
024Acute psychosis and sedation in the bushPsychosis, sedation, ketamine, transfer
025Neonate who can't breathe - resuscitationNeonatology, resuscitation, meconium, blood aspiration
026HaematemesisHaemetemeis, PPIs, endoscopy, mallory-Weiss tear
027Tachycardia, tachypnoea, extreme SOBCOPD, aortic stenosis, tachyarrythmia, decision-making
028Acute SOB in COPD - what happened?COPD, pneumothorax, ultrasound, chest tube
029Chest pain work up, bedside ECHO tipsChest pain, ECHO, wall motion, pericardial effusion
031Massive transfusion in severe traumaBlunt trauma, massive transfusion, resuscitation, bleeding
032Rash decisions, what is it?Child rash, exanthem, infectious, erythema multiforme
033Multiple casualties in traumaTrauma, muliple casualties, triage, disaster training
034A young lady with an unusual gait in the NWMovement disorder, chorea, rheumatic disease
035Renal colic, imaging and haematuriaDiagnosis and management of renal colic
036Sepsis, silent, identification, screeningSepsis, fever, screening, pneumonia, melioidosis
037Locating a source of sepsis is importantSepsis, fever, source control , hepatic abscess
038Evidence around AAA. Gender difference and the screening for theseAbdominal aortic aneurysm, screening, AAA
039Approach to the massive bleeder and induction for a ruptured ectopic in extremisEctopic pregnancy, massive transfusion
040Cellulitis, antibiotic choice and getting drugs into kidsAnibiotics, kids, cellulitis
041Classic croup, but looks different in the morning - what was it?Cough, croup, adrenaline, asthma
042A baby with a cough and not much else on examinationCough, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, sepsis, CXR
043A patient with severe post-op pain. How are you going to plan this anaesthetic?Post-operative pain, analgesia, ketamine
044Post-anaesthetic neurology syndromeNeurology, paraesthesia, anaesthesia
045A travelling salesman collapses - what is he cause?Syncope, differential, drug reaction, ECG
046An odd rash in a returned traveller. Diagnosed on the internet!Tropical traveller, rash, infection
047Nasty diabetic foot infection + sepsisDiabetic foot, infection, maggots, sepsis
048Epidural troubleshooting, expert opinion from Dr BrowningEpidural, obstetrics, labour, analgesia
049I was sitting at the desk writing up some notes when the triage nurse stuck the following ECG strip under my nose.ECG, cardiology, Lewis lead
050A reader shows how good consult techniques can make all the differenceConsultation, pain, empathy, patient-oriented medicine
051Is this an evolving MI in a young guy, or just pericarditis...ECG, cardiology, pericarditis, ACS, rheumatic heart disease
052A paeds puzzle. Abdo pain, PR bleeding and testis painPaeds, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, hydrocoele, purpura
053A rib tickler you don't see every dayThoracic tortuosity, chest pain
054Just a sip... could kill?Paediatiric ingestion, toxicology, salicylate, camphor, safety
055Head injury evidence reviewTrauma, head injury, ICP,
056Cholecystitis in pregnancyGallstones, emergency, pregnancy, surgery
057Big PE - thrombolyse or not?pulmonary embolism, thrombolysis, echocardiogram
058Recurrent syncope in a young manSyncope, differential, orthostatic, treatment review, vasogenic
059Difficult intubation tips from twitter!Intubation, respiratory failure, DSI, apneic oxygen, NIV
060Panic attack diagnostic approachPanic disorder, diagnosis, interventions and debate
061Colle's fracture without an XrayColle's, fracture, ultrasound, reduction, evidence
062Vasculitis diagnostic approachVAsculitis, diagnostic approach, rash, immunology
063Ultrasonic pneumonia diagnosisPneumonia, ultrasound, diagnosis
064Umbilical hernia obstruction - ultrasound of courseUmbilical hernia, bowel obstruction, ultrasound, surgery
065Sternal fracture on ultrasoundSternum, fracture, ultrasound, trauma
066Epilepsy, seizures that go bump at nightSeizures, syndromes, paediatric epilepsy, quiz
067Awake intubation procrastinationdifficult intubation, awake intubation, fibreoptic, anaesthetic plan
068Ultrasound for sepsis work upSepsis, fever, pneumonia, cholecystitis, assessment
069Can't intubate, can ventilateIntubation difficulty, ventilation, trnasfer, central venous thrombosis
070Post partum headache, spinal anaesthesiaPostpartum headache, dural tap, CSF leak, migraine
071Skeletal chest painChest pain, skeletal, physiotherapy, NSAIDs
072The not so difficult airway, Dr Jim DuCantoAirway, intubation, preoxygenation, videolaryngoscope
073Appendicitis vs. PID UltrasoundAppendicitis, PID, Ultrasound, diagnosis, abdo pain
074Double resuscitation - mother and babyAntepartum haemorrhage, neonatal resuscitation, bleeding
075Obstetric anaesthesia in rheumatic heart diseasePremature labour, rheumatic fever, anaesthesia, heart failure
076Seizures, postictal neurology, imagingEpilepsy, postictal palsy, diagnostic imaging
077Septic foot, regional anaesthesia, antibioticsSepsis, anaesthesia, spinal block, regional anesthesia
078Skin lesions, quiz, spot diagnosisSkin infection, impetigo, rash, spot diagnosis
079Vomiting baby, possible pyloric stenosisPyloric stenosis, clinical features, diagnosis, fluid therapy
080Back pain, difficult diagnoses, diabeticBack pain, osteomyelitis, diabetic, difficult diagnosis, biases
081Difficultintubation procrastinationdifficult intubation, awake intubation, surgical airway, anaesthetic plan
082Fluid resuscitation in traumaFluid resuscitation, trauma, fluid choice, analogy
083Things that go ithch in the nightPerineal ithch, worms, infestation, common problems
084Difficult dislocationDislocation, 2nd MCP, Kaplan's lesion, hand injury, reduction
085Epilepsy, phenytoin and ethicsEpilepsy, phenytoin loading, compliance, duty-of-care
086From HEll's heart wound, a stabbing caseChest stabbing, knife, trauma, bleeding, management
087Sepsis Kimberley styleSepsis, diagnosis, resuscitation, antibiotics
088Arterial lines by ultrasoundArterial lines, ultrasound, patient safety
089Tormented teen in EDTeenager, mental health assessment, suicide risk, consultation
090Unstuffing the PE turkeyPE workup, D-dimer, probability, risk, likelihood ratios
091Trauma with occult bleedingTrauma, assualt, FAST, occult haemorrhage, renal laceration
092Shoulder injury, ultrasound asessmentShoulder injury, dislocation, reduction, clavicle, humerus fracture
093Mandible fractures made easyMandible fracture, assessment, ultrasound
094Severe dehydration, acidosis, resuscitationSevere hypovolemic shock, gastroenteritis, resuscitation, intubation
095Facial trauma in the remote EDFacial injury, surgery, decision making, communication
096Abdominal pain.. not the appendixAbdominal pain, ischemic bowel, anaesthetic managment, shock
097PAediatric spot diagnosisPAediatric diagnosis, syndrome, Turner's,
098Syncopal soldier, shock, AF and planAF, shock, decision-making, cardiomyopathy
099Paediatric airway foreign body

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