EchoJournal video sharing site


Twawling Twitter this Easter has led to many exciting discoveries such as @echojournal. Echojournal [] is an online ultrasound video sharing website and discussion board. It enables the user to upload, store and discuss echocardiography videos and is a companion site of The website is free for anyone to use but is mainly intended for physicians and other health care professionals who use echocardiography as part of their practice.

This video sharing site encourages the upload of transthoracic and transesophageal loops for discussion and storage. Join Echojournal to

  • Upload videos
  • Make friends, follow their video feeds, discuss the videos, and keep in touch
  • Comment on uploaded videos and discuss unknown cases
  • Download videos onto your own computer for future use
  • Create groups/communities for your academic department or school

EchoJournal combines many of the features familiar to users of other video sharing sites, including:

  • Easy video uploading with step-by-step video upload for quick and easy creation of videos
  • Currently there are over 21 languages for upload and discussions
  • Once your video has been uploaded you can edit the video file details [e.g. video title, description]; set video as public/private; enable or disable comments/ratings/embed video; delete any comment on your own videos and remove your uploaded videos.
  • Numerous channels focused towards whatever your interest or level of education might be, from students to practicing physicians, and sections for unique or unknown cases

The site is simple, clean and effective. The early video uploads are of a good-high quality and should prompt useful and open discussion. This is a great example of collaborative medicine 2.0. Hopefully it will do well and Medgadget will create further ‘educational networking portals’ for visual degustation such as FAST scan


Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

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