ECG Quiz 026


A 54 year old man with no prior medical history presents to your emergency department with one hour of chest pain. He is anxious and diaphoretic. His observations are:

ECG FACEM 2010 01 01


a. Describe and interpret his ECG (100%)



FACEM VAQ Exam 2010.1 – Question 1

  • The overall pass rate for this question was 25/70 (35.7%)
  • ECG demonstrates Atrial fibrillation, 145 / min, with ST elevation consistent with Inferior / Posterior infarction.
  • Pass criteria:
    • Correct rate (eg average (rate 144) or range (110-150)
    • Correct rhythm (AF)
    • Description / Diagnosis of STEMI
    • Location of AMI – Inferior
    • Description of anterior changes (ST depression)
    • Posterior AMI considered
  • Features of unsuccessful answers:
    • Rate omitted or incorrect (within acceptable range)
    • Rhythm omitted or incorrect
    • Omission of STEMI or inferior AMI
    • Failure to consider posterior AMI

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