Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog

Reviewed and revised 12 May 2012

Among Scott Weingart’s ED Critical Care Dirty Dozen for 2010 was Dr Smith’s ECG blog. The LITFL team thought it was about time we gave this great blog a shout out too.

Dr. Stephen Smith (@smithECGBlog) is a faculty emergency physician at Hennepin County Medical Center and an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Minnesota. His blog is affiliated with hqmeded.com – a website we should all know and love for it’s brilliant emergency medicine educational videos, primarily featuring point-of-care ultrasonography.

If you want to test your ability to interpret difficult and interesting ECGs, then this is the blog for you. Each post features a top quality ECG and is accompanied by Dr Smith’s expert interpretation. This blog is an ideal accompaniment to LITFL’s ECG Library and Ed Burns’ growing collection of ECG Exigencies.

Stephen Smith gave this video presentation at the SAEM annual meeting 2012 about his blog:

Here are some of Dr. Smith’s electrifying posts:

If you have an interesting ECG, you can send it to Dr Smith at dr.smiths.ecg.blogATgmail.com — you might even see it featured in a blogpost! Rest assured, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Dr Smith’s ECG blog as one of The LITFL Review‘s usual suspects.

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