Dr InfoLOVE, Overload and FOAM

I’ve been marveling at the PK SMACC-talks that have been rolling in. I thought I’d better chip in with my own (even though I’m ineligible for the much sought after iPad Mini…).

So, here it is — essentially an updated PK SMACC-talk version of an old and oft-revised reference and link-laden blogpost on Information Overload — titled Dr InfoLOVE: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The FOAM‘.

Be sure to check out all the great PK SMACC-talks here and find out all you need to know about FOAM here.

Addendum 18th May 2013

  • Since this talk was made emgoogle.com has spread it’s wings and has become GoogleFOAM.
  • Google reader no longer exists. I still use Feedly as my feed aggregator.


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