AMA Victoria Take Up The Fight

Australia has a great climate, beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle – but it is not immune to administrative bungles, bureaucracy and middle management. Thanks to Oz eMedicine for updating me on the latest way for Australian physicians to unite and overcome the latest challenging issues for emergency physicians in Australia. In the setting of the current health care crisis – the Victorian branch of the AMA (Australian Medical Association) have provided a blog – Doctors 4 Hospitals to allow physicians to air their comments anonymously.

Hopefully the erudite will respond and action will ensue.

I encourage and support positive action to encourage doctors to stay within the system – however dark the days may seem.

We are not alone when it comes to doctors being ‘at odds’ with administrators as Kevin M.D. recently commented. This scenario is not only being played out ‘nationwide – in the US’ but ‘globally. Every day the ER visits increase and the access block ramifications increase exponentially.

Doctors are at odds with administrators in this California hospital. The administrators simply calls the physicians “whiners”, and are ignoring the reasons behind the exodus of physicians.

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