Disco saves lives

Loving the new American Heart Association campaign to educate people on ‘hands-only CPR’ and the actions to take in an emergency.

The AHA combine the acting skills of Kendrick Kang-Joh Jeong, MD (trained physician and crazy-ass actor from the Hangover, Hangover II and Knocked Up) with the metronomic beat of the Bee Gees 1977 disco hit ‘Stayin’ Alive’ to teach CPR rhythm.

Properly performed CPR can triple survival rates for cardiac arrest, but many people hesitate to jump in because they don’t feel confident about maintaining the proper rhythm. At 103 beats per minute, the classic disco song has almost the perfect rhythm to help jump-start a stopped heart. The concept was originally suggested in 2005 by Alson Inaba, MD a pediatric emergency specialist at the University of Hawaii, after the American Heart Association came out with new guidelines for CPR. A subsequent study by David Matlock, MD in 2008 confirmed that research subjects listening to “Stayin’ Alive” had an improved ability to perform chest compressions at the appropriate speed.

“I may play insanely crazy and comedic characters on screen, but as an internal medicine physician in real life, I want people to know that sudden cardiac arrest is a serious matter. Immediate action can be the difference between life and death. Everyone needs to know it’s in their hands to help save a life.” – Ken Jeong

An alternative, and equally catchy tune with a 100bpm rhythm was proposed, but later rejected due to perceived negative connotations – ‘Queen: Another one bites the dust

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