Critical Care Reviews

After 5 years or so of ‘living in the fast lane’ you expect to become hard to impress. Many websites, blogs and podcasts in the FOAM world just put a different spin on what has been done before. That’s why it is so exciting to see new blogs like BoringEM that carve out a unique niche for themselves. Then there is Critical Care Reviews. This website aims to promote open access to scientific advancement in critical care. It isn’t awesome because of it’s niche, but because it inspires AWE.

As a fairly obsessive co-creator of a ridiculously massive medical website I have an inkling of how much work much Irishman Rob Mac Sweeney (@CritCareReviews) must put into this incredible website. This is what Critical Care Reviews has to offer:

  • Critical Care Reviews aims to provide a gateway to free, open-access articles relevant to critical care from across the medical literature. The range of journals included is enormous. The website gives us a premonition of what the world would be like if it wasn’t dominated by ‘big name’ journals and profit-hungry publishers. The articles are organised by condition, therapy, monitoring and procedures according to system/ subspecialty. They can also be found through built in search bar.
  • Everyday one paper is chosen to be the ‘Paper of the Day’ — if you can keep up with that reading schedule you will be a critical care genius in no time.
  • If you register (for free) you will be sent ‘Journal Watch’, a weekly round up of key critical care literature hot off the press.
  • There are also links to all the Cochrane Reviews relevant to critical care, societal guidelines, policies and such like.
  • There are linked lists of the most important critical care papers of all time — the top 100, as well as key papers listed by subspecialty. Of course many of these articles are not open access, which spoils the fun somewhat.

The navigation of the site takes a little getting used to, but if you work in ICU you’ll love hunting through this treasure trove of FOAM.

Rob Mac Sweeney F.UCEM, LITFL salutes you!

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