Crisis, Crewmanship and CRM

Most ED folk are familiar with the CRM concept. It’s about teamwork, innit? And of course, we are all great at that. Go on – find someone in ED who says they are useless at teamwork! It would be like finding someone who says that they are absolutely rubbish in bed!

CRM stands for Crisis Risk Management. Or something. And it’s in a video about an air crash, where the air steward (who is a bit backward) doesn’t tell the chief pilot that he has just turned the engines off. The pilot is a cranky old fart who trained on biplanes. That’s called an “authority slope”.

You can do courses in CRM with SimMan. Just watch out when SimMan says he has crushing chest pain, because that’s when he’s about to have a cardiac arrest! Afterwards, they’ll ask you how you did, what went right, and what you could have done better. It’s a bit cringing really. Haven’t done one in years.

You know, this CRM thing is really a bit of a fad. Aside from air crashes in the 1970s, and fibrillating manikins, it doesn’t have much relevance to the real world. Does it?

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    This video is fantastic! Great illustration of CRM.. and so glad that you used a nonaircraft related example! And to answer your question.. I do believe that its important to learn CRM! So definitely not a fad that will fade anytime soon!