CPR makes you Undead

There have been some great ‘hands only’ CPR campaigns in the past year or so, with Vinnie Jones from the UK and Ken Jeong from the USA using disco to save lives. These were both a step forward from previous attempts at making CPR ‘sexy’.

However, the Canadians have gone really WTF (weird, transcedent, funtabulous?) with their ‘CPR makes you Undead’ theme…

Hat tip to @UnaNicl

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    Initially I thought “Um, that doesn’t really sell pre-hospital CPR too well. Look at the outcome”

    Then I thought “Hey, maybe that’s a really smart add that shows how CPR increases survival, but doesn’t guarantee a good survival on its own.”

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    Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation has built itself a reputation for edgy PSAs (look at the very controversial “Make Death Wait” ads last year!) but this one is so over the top that it’s just plain creepy and way too long -- and really, how much does it really actually TEACH viewers about CPR?

    MUCH better, I think, and much more informative, and much more clever is this British “hard & fast” PSA featuring football legend Vinnie Jones: http://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/life-saving-skills/hands-only-cpr.aspx