1. says

    “Moments later -- when he was on the big stage at the Essentials of Emergency Medicine -- Mike discovered he was aphasic, and suddenly regretted getting an emergency chiropractor to manipulate his neck just before he was due to speak.”

  2. Trey says

    “Yeah, I know, most people don’t realize that you have to reach all the way up here to get a really good assessment of the prostate”

  3. Nadim Lalani says

    Just like commander Data … Mike can sometimes fall prone to energy discharges, computer viruses and other forms of A.I. that temporarily take over his neural net. Thankfully his “reset switch” was back there.

  4. Mike says

    ‘You see, sir, here at the Hair Club for Men we offer the complete package. While others might just offer the mullet, or even mohawk, our “Full Monty” therapy will recreate what was once the hairline on the nape of your neck.”

  5. says

    “In all patients noted to have a body temperature in the lower range of normal, a full examination should be performed. As you can see, the skin unzips at the back here, revealing a fully grown Lizard man.”

  6. Duncan says

    The real, impressively hairlined Mike Cadogan showed up at EM Essentials showing off his ‘Bald Mike dummy’ puppetry skills.

  7. Duncan says

    Mike bravely volunteers to demonstrate the ‘waiter’s tip’ position of an Erb’s palsy by having his right C5/6 upper trunks severed in a hands-on anatomy masterclass at EM Essentials.

  8. Minh Le cong says

    Dr Cadogan, yessiree, my company can install a neural data link right here at the base of your neck, so you can be directly plugged into social media 24/7. By the way my name is Morpheus…do you ever wake up wondering if you ever woke up?

  9. Alex Stoker says

    “If he was going to maintain eye contact with his audience, ‘Eagle-Eyes’ Action Man knew he’d need some help…’

    • says

      Dr. Cadogan, I’m going to clip your microphone here. You’ll be going on next. Here is the “on” switch.

      What? It’s funny cause it’s true, people!

  10. SDL says

    “Look Mike, whether you like it or not, as Steve Job’s illegitimate love child it’s up to you to get on stage for the new iPhone launch”