Calling all Fabulous Females of #FOAMed

Marvellous women of FOAM. Have you ever looked through the wonderful and distinguished list of authors and creators of FOAM, and have pondered at the, well, blokeyness of it?? And yes – they are wonderful, intellectual, innovative and trailblazing – an amazing group of people to look up to, but are distinctly lacking in the beleaguered 46,XX karyotype.

Well, wondrous women, I beseech you to join the ranks of one of the greatest evolutionary leaps in critical care education in living history, by registering as a FFF – the Fabulous Females of #FOAMed. The fairer sex has so very much to offer – sometimes on exactly the same platforms as the men, but also have unique aspects to offer.

You are all aware by now of the SMACC conference coming up in March, 2013 in the beauteous city of Sydney. I would love to put together a merry band of Amazons to compete in the SimWars, plus enjoy the sorority of the incredible chicks who make up the Critical Care World as framed by Social Media. Tell your pals, tell your sisters, join in the fun. Contact me: Eleytherius AT (@Eleytherius). Send me your ideas, and lets add to the momentum ☺

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