Borrow the Oxylog 3000!

Chris Nickson’s seminal post Own the Oxylog 3000 taught us the difference between protective and obstructive ventilation strategies, and showed us how to amaze our friends with Pplateau.

But did it show us where the bloody “on” switch was? Eh?

So this video is for Oxylog knobophobes who can’t get off square 1.

As well as showing you how to turn the machine on, the video is packed with FACTS FACTS FACTS:

  • WHAT happens if you drop an Oxylog 3000 on your foot.
  • WHY you shouldn’t leave an Oxylog 3000 in a taxi.
  • HOW to position your genitalia when pressing the inspiratory hold key.

Will the video show you how to own an Oxylog 3000? Actually, no.

But after you watch it, you may be allowed to borrow one for the weekend.

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  1. Mathias Tschopp says

    I know those chocolates but can’t pinpoint where they are purchased from. I found them in Melbourne, any body know where?

  2. maria coulter says

    That’s excellent Jo, thankyou. I think i demonised the oxylog with all its knobs and screens, thankyou for clearly explaining the basics in a keep it simple way. you’re a legend :)

  3. Kelly says

    Thanks for this….much easier to understand than current teaching methods…and MUCH less scary!! Sharing!! And subscribing.