Toxicology Handbook

Authors: Lindsay Murray, Frank Daly, Mark Little, Mike Cadogan

The new edition of this all-encompassing toxicology reference describes the risk assessment-based approach pioneered by its principal authors. The Toxicology Handbookis written for hospital-based doctors at all levels and is divided into six sections, including an approach to the poisoned patient, specific toxins, antidotes, toxinology and antivenom.


New for the second edition:. 

  • all chapters and references reviewed and updated
  • a major review of snake bite management and snake antivenoms in light of new evidence
  • new chapters on mushroom poisoning, plant poisoning, amphetamine abuse and solvent abuse
  • new chapters on poisoning with newer anticonvulsant drugs, barbiturates, button batteries, chloral hydrate, local anaesthetic agents, quinine and tramadol
  • a new antidote chapter on intravenous lipid emulsion

Section Contents

Highlighted textbook chapters with links to up to date additional resources including guidelines, references, illustrations, high quality clinical images, clinical cases, ECG traces, podcasts and more…

Section I    

Section II   

Section III  

Section IV  

Atropine Calcium Cyproheptadine Desferrioxamine Dicobalt Edetate
Digoxin Immune Fab Dimercaprol Ethanol Flumazenil Folinic acid
Fomepizole Glucagon Glucose Hydroxocobalamin Insulin
Intralipid Methylene Blue N-Acetylcysteine Naloxone Octreotide
Penicillamine Physostigmine Pralidoxime Pyridoxine Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Calcium Edetate (EDTA) Sodium Thiosulfate Succimer Vitamin K

Section V   

Section VI  

Peer Reviews

‘…This is the 2nd edition of this text; what was already a fantastic resource has gotten even better. This monograph has cut out the fluff and left only the clinically relevant information you need to manage a patient with a poisoning or toxicologic exposure. After reading the book I have placed it on the shelf in our resuscitation bay. When the residents have a poisons case, they reach for this book first because they can rapidly find the information they need in an easily digestible form. Sections on particular antidotes are standouts. While I don’t see many of the creatures from the toxin section, I still enjoyed reading about them. Overall a fantastic reference text. Scott Weingart MD editor of
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