bitten by the black dog


wading through tall grass



you stumble

eyes averted



scouring the horizon

the invisible rustle

draws audibly nearer

you wait


with inexorable trepidation


bitten by the black dog

numbness cloaks

tenebrous abstraction

you wait

in silent supplication

for the new dawn to begin


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  1. Neasclepius Anachronos says

    Cataleptic: perfect word for the loss of mental tone which can be caused by the bite of the black dog.
    Like many, I have been pursued by that dog. I have found that playing dead doesn’t work for me (“silent supplication” above). I need to make myself run from the bugger, even when all I want is to take to bed. The dawn will come, it always comes, but it helps me to chase it. One must try to make the dog days productive, so when the sun comes out you have time to lie in it.
    “For though we cannot make our sun
    Stand still, yet we can make him run.”

  2. Greg says

    Love seeth itself not to please
    Nor for itself hath any care
    But for another gives its ease
    And builds a heaven in hells depair