Basic Science in Clinical Context (BSCC)

We leave medical school liberated.

Free to insouciantly frolic through remedy meadows and deprecate nostrum – impassioned with the heady erudition of establishment edification.

Free from the trammels of institutional learning we throw off the shackles of theoretical knowledge and plunge into the limpid pools of practical skill acquisition.

In general we are blissfully unaware of the insidious but exponential decay of our theoretical knowledge as we enthusiastically acquire practical life skills. We are even less aware that on at least two occasions in the ensuing 10 years our cerebrum will be galvanised back into action to thwart the examination Leviathan.

LITFL is producing a series of asynchronous learning videos combining basic science knowledge with clinical context application (BSCC) to reduce the rate of theoretical knowledge decay, improve the sanity of trainees and reduce the examination induced divorce rate.

We are not looking to reinvent the wheel but be synergistic with the programmes already produced such as Anatomy for Emergency Medicine (AFEM) by Andy Neill.

As LITFL authors have the attention span of intoxicated decorticate gnats, we will limit our presentations to 120 seconds each. We record an exam candidate answering a question (under exam conditions) and then record the professor providing a more detailed explanation (with transcript)

The first of the BSCC series of videos is ready to launch…


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